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Required libsodium upgrade for latest Magento release

New Contributor

In the upcoming release for Magento Open Source and Commerce v2.3.2, we are upgrading our security encryption, requirements, and configurations. To prepare for these security updates, Magento instances require a modern, secure version of libsodium.


To install or upgrade to the latest version of Magento v2.3.2+, installations require libsodium version 1.0.13 or later prior to Magento installation. These versions support stronger encryption functions with specific compatible versions supported by our new release.


Install libsodium


To install and update your Magento instance, we recommend following libsodium documentation. You can locate installations from the libsodium GitHub repository, with complete release notes and packages.


Magento Commerce Cloud customer environments will be automatically updated to require newer libsodium versions (1.0.13+) after the latest Magento version releases.


Magento Release Notes


For complete release notes and information, see Magento Open Source and Commerce release notes. Content will publish with the release. For more information on the latest release, see this DevBlog.