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Magento 2 Best Practices

Magento 2 Best Practices

I keep mentioning "Best Practices" every time I can. For me, the best practices are key to successfully customize and implement Magento stores.

If we combine the experience from all developers in the DevExchange session, then we can really make progress together, and as a result we will be able to deliver higher quality in a more efficient way in our projects.


After the DevExchange session, we could contribute to the Magento DevDocs that covers the best practices:


Following Magento conventions and keeping in mind the best practices has been my best resource to work with Magento 1. I know that we have been working with Magento 2 for more than a year, and together we can build a list and contribute with the DevDocs.


Some ideas:

– General Magento 2 development best practices (for example, recommendations to be more efficient when we work with Magento 2)

– Extension development best practices

– Theme development best practices

– Deployment best practices

– Configuration best practices

Magento Master

I agree so much, not by chance I wrote a book about this topic ;-)

Thus I'm really interested in this topic and gave my upvote.

Gabriel Guarino

Hi @aleron75,



Thanks for your comment.

I am really excited to discuss about the topic as well!

Best regards.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Congratulations, this topic has made the cut for DevExchange at Imagine 2017!