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Magento2 Scalability and Optimum use of resources

Magento2 Scalability and Optimum use of resources

Developing a good store is not sufficient till we can ensure its availability 24/7, being unavailable for even minutes can result in thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue, so designing systems to be constantly available and resilient to failure is both a fundamental business and a technology requirement.

Big brands can afford large resources and even still resources that can be used in need.  But for a small startup, it is mandatory that their resources are used to their maximum potential and can scale in peak load time to not only give them the confidence to be available at the high time but to provide them more business opportunities.

Understanding how we can use external storage to serve content to reduce resources(use cheap resources) and implement load balancers using simple storage service or similar services will give the confidence to use Magento2 for smaller brands and startups.

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Unfortunately this topic didn't make the cut, but we will have two "Choose Your Own Topics" tables available for both rounds of topics. If there's enough interest on site, let @Sourabh Modi know!