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Adobe Acrobat PDF Compatibility Issue with My Medical Billing Website

Adobe Acrobat PDF Compatibility Issue with My Medical Billing Website

Hello Adobe community,

I am facing a challenging compatibility issue with Adobe Acrobat that is affecting my medical billing services website and I could really use some expert advice here.

My website relies heavily on PDF documents for processing medical billing statements. We generate and transmit these statements to our clients regularly, and Adobe Acrobat is our primary PDF software of choice. However, recently, we've noticed that some clients have trouble opening and viewing the PDFs correctly. They report issues like missing text, distorted formatting, or blank pages.

I have checked the PDFs on my end, and they appear to be fine, without any errors. However, the problem seems to be on the client's side, and it's not consistent across all users. This has left me puzzled as to what could be causing these compatibility issues.

Has anyone here encountered similar problems with Adobe Acrobat in a medical billing context? Any insights into how to ensure PDF compatibility with a variety of client devices and Adobe Acrobat versions would be greatly appreciated.

If you need more details about my website or the PDF generation process, please don't hesitate to ask. Your assistance would be incredibly valuable in helping us resolve this issue and continue providing efficient   to our clients. Thank you in advance!