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Using Magento trademark on website

Using Magento trademark on website

Can some-one please advise me on the use of the Magento trademark name on my website? 


I know from reading ( that you can not use the Magento name as part of domain name, but it doesn't actually say if I can use the name on my website to describe that we build Magento websites.


I just need to know whether I can use the Magento name within the site e.g. 'We design and build Magento websites" etc. etc.


I presume I can, but do I need permission even to do this? Do I need to put Magento is a registered trademark of Adobe at the bottom of the page?


Any help, really appreciated.



Re: Using Magento trademark on website

Hi @preveo 


I think someone from Magento team can answer it for you.


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