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It's time for MageStackDay #6!

It's time for MageStackDay #6!

Hi all!


It's time for a random Friday announcement from me (because unfortunately I forgot to mention this here sooner).


Today and tomorrow, February 3-4 is MageStackDay! If you don't know what that means, I've copied this from @Sander Mangel and @avoelkl's announcement:


MageStackDay #6
MageStackDay is an online event, which was initiated while was still in Beta and we wanted to raise the answered question rate.


Since then a lot happened: the site graduated successfully, the official Magento forums where relaunched (and are now part of MageStackDay) and Magento 2 was released. This is the reason why MageStackDay became so much more than answering and cleaning up questions on


As we have several platforms we work on we thought a little explanation would be handy.


What to do during MageStackDay?


  • On
    • answer questions
    • vote for good questions and answers
    • close and flag questions
  • On
    • Answer questions
    • Give Kudos to great questions and answers
  • On our Slack Team (
    • We set up several channels where we chat and have fun
    • Pay attention to our special channels: #m2github-issues and #recommend-devdoc (see explanation below) 


If you participate in MageStackDay here on the forums, you'll even receive a special badge just for this event:



You can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #MageStackDay and or join in on the MageStackDay Slack. More details can be found on


Enjoy and thank you in advance for all of your efforts helping others!


Developer Relations, Adobe Experience Cloud
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Re: It's time for MageStackDay #6!

Second day of MageStackDay Smiley Very Happy


Looking forward to see good questions and great answers!

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