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Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

It's obvious that Adobe is killing off the Magento community edition.


What is everyone migrating to?


Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

Can you explain your assertion? What makes you think Adobe is phasing out Magento CE?

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

For example:


Since Adobe took over, there have been many changes to Magento. 


Most recently, the elasticsearch requirement is excluding a large number of small online stores that can't afford dedicated hosting.

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

I will say I also was not happy with the enforcement of ElasticSearch starting in 2.4

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

It all started when Adobe took over. The first step was to prevent small shop owners from making changes themselves easily from the backend or installing extensions. Things have to be deployed via SSH now. Then the elasticsearch requierement.

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

I agree that Magento 2 continues to target mid-market and enterprise users while leaving many SMB's behind. I've seen a lot of small B2C retailers that only need basic functionality move to SaaS products like BigCommerce and Shopify. Many of these small businesses struggled to keep their Magento sites patched and properly hosted. They could have stuck open-source with something simpler like WooCommerce, but for $29+ a month, SaaS makes sense. As they grow, it's foreseeable that some will shift back to Magento and other open-source platforms.


In the open-source world, beyond WooCommerce which is more SMB focused, I'm starting to see growing interest in Shopware. It's popular in the EU. With folks from the Magento community like Ben Marks getting involved, I expect to see it more and more.


However, I still see lots of SMB merchants choosing to double-down on Magento Open Source (aka. Community Edition), and new merchants choosing it. It's still the strongest all-around option in open source eCommerce in key markets like the USA.


I will concede that SMB is a large category. According to Gartner, it includes businesses bringing in up to $50 million in annual revenue. The merchants that are now aligning with Magento are into the millions of $USD in annual revenue.  


I'm also not convinced that Adobe is "killing off" Magento Open Source. Keep in mind that Adobe just released Page Builder for Magento Open Source users:


It now takes more resources to maintain a Magento site when compared with the days of Magento 1, but with SaaS products coming of age, I suspect that, even if M2 was less of a beast, a large percentage of small businesses still would have shifted to SaaS solutions.

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

I'm also preparing to move to other platforms from Magento, after 10 years of recommending it.

The latest announcement about the upcoming subscription model is not good news & many of our customers have dozens of extensions, which can be expected to translate to a significant additional cost monthly/annually.

I don't see any serious new advantages coming to Magento CE anymore, but Adobe is killing the existing advantages one by one, making it totally uninteresting to SMB's.


I'd also be interested to know where others are migrating to.

Re: Adobe is killing Magento - alternatives?

The new subscription model being presented by extension developers is definitely a big announcement. I'm eager to see what the pricing looks like and if developers make security patches available without a subscription.


Keep in mind that what most extension devs are describing isn't terribly different from how things work today. For example, says:

"You buy an extension and receive lifetime access to its original source code. You'll also get a year of free updates and product support from our team.

After that, you have the option of renewing your subscription and continuing to get free updates and support for the length of your subscription."


and says:

"...despite your decision to extend your subscription period, you are guaranteed to have:

  • Lifetime access to the extensions’ codebase via our Repository or the downloaded packages

  • Non-encrypted code of the modules"

Extension devs don't seem to be describing a SaaS model. Instead, they're describing automatically signing up merchants for ongoing support subscriptions. Many extension developers have worked like this already... but most give lifetime access to security patches, which are necessary for PCI compliance. 


I'm sure this will be another big topic at the upcoming Magento Association connect virtual event.