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Is Cassandra working with every DBaaS?

Is Cassandra working with every DBaaS?



One application that works with Big Data uses a NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra. Allegedly this database has some advantages over other databases. Let's see, I have never worked with it myself - I am curious. I have used Aiven as DBaaS for various applications, but never in combination with Cassandra. I don't even know if Aiven supports Cassandra. Does anyone know more? Is it possible to integrate Cassandra into Aiven or create a service for it? Or do I need another DBaaS to do it?


Re: Is Cassandra working with every DBaaS?

Exactly, Apache Cassandra is particularly well suited as a NoSQL database for a large amount of data, but then it is all about structured data that is managed. The positive thing about it is that high scalability is guaranteed and the data is distributed across different clusters. As a result, Cassandra does not depend on a single server, which is of course one of the main advantages of Cassandra. Cassandra is not limited by SQL and is therefore able to process a large amount of data. Cassandra's own query language is called CQL (Cassandra Query Language), which is similar to SQL, but is adapted to Cassandra and is more commonly used. Because of the redundant approach Apache Cassandra stands for a high security against failures in contrast to other databases. No, for Cassandra you don't need to look for a new DBaaS provider, you can integrate Cassandra into Aiven, more information here:

You just need to log in to Aiven via the web console, create a new project, set up a new service and enter all the required information.