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Subscription / Membership Extension


Subscription / Membership Extension



We would like to know if there's an extension for Magento 2.3 that replicates the Nespresso subscription model. See here:


A customer would sign up to a subscription which then credits their customer account with an amount to spend each month. The customer can then choose what they spend it on.


Note this is very different to a subscription to a specific product. We are aware there are lots of those extensions available. Also we don't simply want it to offer X% off all products for these customers. It's specifically the nespresso subscription model we're interested in - customers can spend their credits on any product on the site.


Welcome anyone's views.




Re: Subscription / Membership Extension

That's a pretty unique Subscription model. The closest that I'm aware of would be one of these:

(This last one requires an ongoing SubscribePro subscription)


but, you may need some customization to offer the same experience as the Nespresso site. 


Best of luck!