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Integration of "PayPal Checkout"


Re: Integration of "PayPal Checkout"

@benjaminbo057e Hi,


If you are in need of PayPal Plus and Payment Services will not work, please check out PayPal Express in the admin. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Integration of "PayPal Checkout"

@mwlfricke has there been any update on this issue?


We are still looking for a replacement to PayPal Plus for Magento 2 that supports Kauf auf Rechnung in Germany.


Do you know if the iWays PayPal plus module (without invoice payment) will continue to work in 2023?


What are you advising customers who are still using PayPal Plus?

Re: Integration of "PayPal Checkout"

Hi @infovwede5ea7 ,

we switched to Paypal Express and for another store, we rely on Adyen  . 

To support "Kauf auf Rechnung", we just implemented a custom Payment Method in our own Module.

Sadly, I can't tell you anything about the future of iWays PayPal plus Module. You should reach out to their support portal 


Re: Integration of "PayPal Checkout"

Thanks for the reply @mwlfricke 


You mean you implemented your own Invoice payment method - not invoice payment via PayPal?


I was referring to the use of PayPal Plus payment method from PayPal which still supports Lastschrift, Credit Card payment etc. but I guess I should ask PayPal about that.


Very disappointing that Adobe or their Magento Partners have not addressed this situation and stepped in to provide an official module for the new PayPal checkout - it looks bad for Magento.