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Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees

Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees


We need a solution to address both of the following problem/issues, which are new as of moving our web presence over from American Eagle to Magento. The issues were not present on web implementations of WooCommerce (Drake) or the old American Eagle site (which we know was a proprietary development).

Since we are on Magento v2.1.7 and the software is now up to v2.2.2, we would like for your team to first look into a possible implemented fix via a newer Magento version. If there is a fix, we will need to discuss the best route to take to upgrade the software. As an aside, Monica has already made us aware about changes from v2.1.7 to 2.2.0 was being major and that the update won’t be as simple as compared to WordPress or Woocommerce updates.

If there is no fix, we will need to know our options to move forward with fixing the problem. Also, if there are any other possible solutions to alleviate these issues for our company, please let us know those options.


Breakdown of the Problems/Issues:

The way Magento behaves with how it is coded in handling Paypal, causes the following:

  1. An extra $0.30 per $0 transaction is charged to us in fees, which as sales go up, so do the combined fees. No merchant should have to be paying extra fees for something that is not set up properly.
  2. The fraud filter’s usefulness has been negated due to the transactions WITH the amount not being flagged properly and instead it is only the zero amount transactions that are being flagged.

The flow of how it happens seems to be as follows:

  1. A Payment is made on the website order through Paypal Payflow gateway.
  2. Transaction #1: A $0 dollar amount is sent to verify card. This creates its own transaction ID.
    1. At this point, the Fraud Filter protection, which we pay extra for, is often tripped due to how strictly we have set it up. This is to ensure that no mistake, no matter how small, slips through. Often times, the fraud filter code is set to “126” to alert us that the transaction needs to be checked but there are other possible codes that get set.
  3. Transaction #2: An additional transaction is created with the actual dollar amount.
    1. This transaction has a completely different transaction number and seems to bypass the filter but is set to the same order. Fraud filter is not tripped on this transaction.



We believe that the two issues are related somehow but need your team to check into it. As it happens, I did some preliminary research to ensure that Paypal was set up properly according to Magento guide:

We also found the link below detailing and alerting us to similar issues which resulted in the extra charges. Prior to this, we only knew about the fraud filter and zero amount issues. The below link shows that it is not an isolated issue:

Can you please advise on a fix or possible workaround to this issue.



Re: Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees

Did you get a response to fix this? My client is complaining about the same issue on our Magento 2.2.2 website.

Re: Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees

Anyone have a fix?  Not only does this new process cost more per transaction, it will often end in a declined card and will cost the sale.  It is also slower to process while the customer waits for all this to happen in the background.


Does anyone know if other payment gateways require this authorization to take place first?  I would like to go back to the one time sale transaction that was once fast, safe, and efficient.  I'm about to dump PayPal if there is another gateway option that doesn't need an authorization first.

Re: Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees



We are also facing this issue. Does anyone found a resolution for this please?

We're currently using M 2.3.5 -p2

Re: Magento 2 & Paypal Pro Double Authorization Fees

FYI, we ended up installing the Payflow Pro Disable Authorization Extension (from RedChamps) and it solved our issue right away!