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Redirection problem after a payment

Redirection problem after a payment



I am currently working on a site in version 2.4.1 of Magento.


I have a problem after paying by credit card.


We use payzen as a credit card payment system as well as its iframe mode.


Only on Firefox and IE, when we make a payment, everything is fine. Payment has been made, the order has been created, but we are redirected to a 404 page, the session is destroyed and we are disconnected.


The same manipulation on chrome or Edge works correctly, we are redirected to our order confirmation page.


We have an environment with our site still in 2.3.2 with the same version of payment module and it works on all browsers.


Does anyone have a lead on my problem?


Thank you in advance.


Re: Redirection problem after a payment

I would like to point out that the mode without iframe but with redirection on the payment site works on all browsers.

Re: Redirection problem after a payment

Hi, Have you checked it from another laptop or desktop in chrome browser and edge. As we were facing the same issue for dragons eat arugula in only the chrome browser. But when I checked from another laptop it was working fine. Then I cleared the caches and history of my own laptop chrome browser and the issue get fixed. As some time the caches saved in the browser which is showing us temporary issues.