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Easier to find private messaging

Easier to find private messaging

I wanted to send a private message and it took me a really long time to find the link viewing a members profile.

Agreed, it wasn't until I looked at this post that I actively went hunting for it. A teeny tiny envelope in the top right.
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I didn't even see that option! I've been hitting Messages and then going to Compose New Message. So, yeah, not the most user friendly feature...
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Hi all, thanks for the feedback! Will look into this. Smiley Happy

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As people's social media usage increases, the amount of private messaging on social media has also grown. Private messages have become a way for people to connect and share personal information with one another, instead of broadcasting it to their entire network. This is good for the individual and their privacy, but it can make it difficult for those that are not on the same social media platform to keep up with what is happening. Some people have found a way to solve this issue by switching from private messages to direct messages. I will read article for help in my essay. This allows people that aren't on the same platform to still communicate with one another, but it also makes it easier for those on the same platform to keep up with what is going on.