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Magento-Imagine specific discussion area

Magento-Imagine specific discussion area

Can we get a Magento-Imagine specific discussion area somewhere on here? One for all Magento events would be *great*, but for now, just getting started with one for Magento Imagine would be nice. 


It would be a good way to let people know about things like #preimagine, it could help people setup ride shares to/from the airport, and otherwise just help the entire community get pumped for Imagine. 



Adobe Team

Great idea. It would be nice to have it all here in one place, instead of trying to organize through multiple social media outlets.

Adobe Team

Arriving friday the 17th and will be around the whole week.


There are already some smaller meetups, previous years we organized through IRC and twitter.


This is a awesome idea Joshua!

M2 Certified

@ryaan What IRC chat was used in the past?

Adobe Team

@brobie #magento-reddit on freenode

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Status changed to: Implemented
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If you are looking for a discussion area specifically for Magento Imagine, there are several options available to you:

  1. Magento Community Forums: The Magento Community Forums are a great place to connect with other Magento users, including those who have attended Imagine. You can find discussion threads on a wide range of topics, including development, marketing, and business strategy. 

  2. Magento Slack Workspace: The Magento Slack Workspace is a community of Magento developers, merchants, and enthusiasts who come together to discuss all things Magento. You can join the workspace by filling out a brief form on the Magento website, and from there, you can connect with others who have attended Imagine. 

  3. Magento Meetup Groups: There are many Magento Meetup groups around the world, where you can connect with other Magento users in person. Many of these groups have events specifically focused on Imagine, and they can be a great way to meet others who share your interests. You can find a list of Meetup groups on the Magento website.

  4. Magento Imagine LinkedIn Group: The Magento Imagine LinkedIn Group is a community of Imagine attendees and enthusiasts who share their experiences, insights, and questions about Magento

By joining one or more of these communities, you can connect with other Magento users who have attended Imagine, share your experiences, and get help with any questions you may have.

New Member

We appreciate your enthusiasm for Magento Imagine and creating a dedicated discussion area for it. We'll definitely consider your idea and explore the possibility of setting up a specific space for Magento Imagine discussions.chinkee ten In the meantime, feel free to engage with the Magento community here and share your excitement for upcoming events like #preimagine.

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