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Magento forum attached images issue

Magento forum attached images issue



My suggestion for the Magento forum, most of the time all reporters and contributors are facing with attaching images. Images corrupt and looks like


-Re  One Page Checkout - Magento Forums.pngSo please help to fix this issue. Appreciate the soonest fixes on it. 

Gabriel Guarino

Hi @Manish Mittal,


Thanks for your suggestion. The reason why that image is displayed is because all images must be approved by a moderator before they are publicly visible.

Once the image is approved, it is visible in the post for the author and the post visitors.




Manish Mittal

Hello @Gabriel Guarino


Thanks for sharing information. If this is process then the moderator should be active in this forum or process should be smooth without any dependency. Just a suggestion so the forum/ community can improve little bit more. Thanks again Smiley Happy

New Member

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Fixing a "Magento forum attached images issue" can be challenging without specific details about the problem you are facing. However, I can provide you with some general steps and troubleshooting tips that might help you resolve the issue. Keep in mind that Magento is a complex platform, and the specific steps may vary depending on the version and extensions you are using. Here's a general troubleshooting guide:


  1. Check System Requirements
  2. Backup your Magento Installation
  3. Update Magento and Extensions
  4. Check Error Logs
  5. File and Folder Permissions
  6. Check Disk Space
  7. Test Image Upload Directly
  8. Check Allowed File Types
  9. Disable Third-Party Extensions
  10. Check Server Configuration
  11. Clear Cache
  12. Test on Different Browsers

If you've gone through these steps and the issue persists, then I recommend to contact "YES IT Labs" for further guidance. They are known for their expertise in Magento development and troubleshooting, and I've heard great things about their support. I'm sure they'll be able to assist in resolving this attached images issue.


Please note that I'm not affiliated with "YES IT Labs" in any way. I'm simply suggesting them based on their reputation in the Magento community.


Let's work together to get this issue sorted out!