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Magento 2 Multi Chat on WhatsApp Extension | Full New Functionality to Add in Your Magento store

Magento 2 Multi Chat on WhatsApp Extension | Full New Functionality to Add in Your Magento store

Communication is crucial to the success of your company. Building an online store and starting to sell isn't enough; Customer service is critical for connecting with customers, but it may be time-consuming at times, and it can sabotage a customer's purchasing experience if they are not acknowledged on time. When you don't have a good communication medium, it hinders your business's growth. And the Multi Chat on WhatsApp extension might help you solve this problem by allowing you to simply connect with each and every consumer worldwide.




When you integrate the WhatsApp Multi Chat extension into your Magento store, you'll be able to communicate with your consumers in real-time. It allows you to speak with numerous people at the same time. You can listen to customers and provide them with swift solutions to their problems. Webiators Multi Chat on WhatsApp extension can also assist you in personally hearing your clients' complaints and providing them with speedy responses. This plugin allows a consumer to speak with various representatives who specialize in different topics. The number of agents can be easily created and managed by administrators.


What do you get?

  • Increase sales
  • Get loyal customers & gain trust
  • Effective solution for customer support
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Easy and quick solution
  • Add Multiple Agents for communication

Highlighting Features:

  • Quick chat & time effective
  • Quick solution
  • Better customer support
  • Encourage brand value
  • Reduce confusions

Multi-chat on WhatsApp is a fantastic way to solve communication problems and increase sales. Customers are more likely to shop at your store if you personally attend them.


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