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Basic Training to start Magento Site

Basic Training to start Magento Site

Hi, I am currently running my website and due to some issues I cannot managed to learn Wordpress to sell products online. I have learned about Magento is quite easy as compared to other Platorms. 

I need help regarding setup my website.

From Where I can get training to learn Magento and Master to to start my own ECOM Store




Re: Basic Training to start Magento Site

Re: Basic Training to start Magento Site

Hello @weedkiller2fc1 ,
Welcome to Magento 
The best resource to learn Magento is Magento Devdocs 
You can install the Magento on your machine and start practicing on it 
You will get more into it when you start doing practicals on your own 
Check the following youtube series for basic concepts

You can refer following blogs as well 

Hope this will help you
Thank You.

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Re: Basic Training to start Magento Site

Hey there,


If you want to learn Magento, it’s not easy to start from scratch. There are plenty of free resources out there, but they’re often outdated, difficult to follow, and don’t cover everything you need to know.


Having your own personal teacher means you get questions answered immediately so you never have to stop learning or lose momentum.


Learn And Become gives you a clear path from beginner to professional level, all while making sure your development skills are sharpened and your knowledge is enhanced.


Learn and Become a Magento Developer


Thank you!