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Query regarding certification directory

Query regarding certification directory

We have some query regarding Magento Certification Directory Listing.

I have a scenario here, Currently, my company is planning to Sponsor a Magento Certification on official companies email id.

Later after years when I will leave the company and plan to appear for other another certification with my personal Email id

How can I make the certification appear in the same directory listing of Magento?


Re: Query regarding certification directory

Hi @sagarnakrani,


The certification will be related with your Magento ID. You'll find it into your account like:

ID: MAG000000001


Then if you need to change your email, I understand, you shouldn't have any problem.

Re: Query regarding certification directory

Hi @sagarnakrani ,


Yes, you can change your email ID. From My Account page, you will redirect on your logged in dashboard. Click on "Account Setting" -> here you can change the email ID.


I have done also done it earlier, there was no issue Smiley Happy


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