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Step by step Magento 2 Theme Development

Step by step Magento 2 Theme Development

I'm currently working with a company building our Magento 1.9 CE theme in partnership with our ERP. The time was such that we couldn't work in beta with Magento 2. Over the next 18 months we will begin to work on Magento 2 and build a new theme there. I'm a coder at heart and want to learn how to create a Magento 2 theme and learn about building Widgets and Static Blocks.


I'm not a full time coder but have some basic coding background over the yearsAre there any tutorials that will actually walk through preparing a Magento 2 development environment and walk through a step by step process of building a theme, building widgets, and static blocks? 


I see a lot of training options out there but am looking for true walk through online type of training with instructor support. 




Re: Step by step Magento 2 Theme Development

Hi @rickblack


Did you visit

instructor led course is also available at

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