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Magento contact never replies

Magento contact never replies

Did anybody ever get a reply from Magento technical support?

I tried to contact them several times on different topics, some of my requests being on how I can pay for some of their products, but never got a reply.

My last attempts were to contact regarding training I purchased from them, but this also resulted in no reply.


Re: Magento contact never replies

Hi @Razvan Mocanu, first of all - sorry for the delay here.


Unless you are using the Enterprise Edition of Magento, there is no technical support. You're more than welcome to ask the community in other areas of this forum, tho.


As for the Magento U team - can you please forward me your last message to them? You can send it to sherrie [at] magento [dot] com. Thanks!


Developer Relations, Adobe Experience Cloud
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