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"My Magento U" is a mess

"My Magento U" is a mess

Hi all,

That is my story of using "My Magento U".

I purchased several M2 trainings and completed them. All good up to here. Now I purchased the Magento 2 Trained Partner Program (v2.1) and I can't attend it because I have missing prerequisite courses. Of course, I have all the prerequisite courses completed, but I also have them a second time in my account, with the status "not attended".

Here is a screenshot of the issue:


Of course, I tried to contact Magento support but got no reply. And now that I remembered, is interesting, I never got a reply from Magento support for any of the previous issues I had.

Did anybody else experience this kind of issue? If yes, how did you fix it?

Thank you.


Re: "My Magento U" is a mess

Hi @Razvan Mocanu, please email for any Magento U related issues.


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