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Absolute beginner, want to start with Magento 2

Absolute beginner, want to start with Magento 2

Hello, my name is Ed, 44 years old, from The Netherlands.


Because I want to replace my website , I discovered that Magento websites are so much more beautiful then Wordpress websites.

Especially the pull down menu's. That's why I do not want to continue with Wordpress, but wants to learn Magento.


I am really a perfectionist and technical educated and willing to learn everything what is needed.


I already made the decission to choose for the Ultimo theme and have starter's questions like:


1) Where to start ? A book, the Ultimo theme 200 pages pdf, manuals to install Magento ? Other pdf's ? An online course ?

2) Where to install Magento 2 to begin with ? On my Win7 laptop ? On my own hosting server (have fiber 250 Mbit upload internet without any restrictions) ? A hosting provider with dedicated VPS (expensive ?) or shared ?

3) How many hours do I need to put into a good working stable and fast Magento 2 website, like this one : (also Magento Ultimo theme) ?


Hope you can answer, my really beginner's questions.


I also am writing a step by step manual, facing everything a beginner like me, is going to deal with. Hopefully that manual can help other beginner's in the future.


Edited : To begin with, I will start reading :


Kind regards,






Re: Absolute beginner, want to start with Magento 2

Hi @ed1973, welcome to the Magento world! How's your journey so far?


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Re: Absolute beginner, want to start with Magento 2


Hallo Ed !


I want to ask you how far are You with the "refresh" Version

from your Web Seite as Beginner with Magento?


Did you found a good way to start here?


I am here also as beginner.


I have 2 days reading all and I dont get it it´s by You?


Sprichst du auch Deutsch?

Re: Absolute beginner, want to start with Magento 2

HOLA ED!!! Mi nombre Es Mariano, Soy de Santa Fe, Argentina y recien empiezo con MAGENTO. Yo solo soy usuario de Red social e internet y recien empiezo con MAGENTO POR PRIMERA VEZ. SI Quieres podemos IR descubriendoJUNTOS EN ALGUNOS TEMAS.