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Braintree credit card expiry date is not updated by webhook

Braintree credit card expiry date is not updated by webhook

Thanks for your reply. We are looking for following issue. Please review and let us know what we will need to do for that.

In Magento 1 we could update the payment token with a new Expiry Date or new number in the Merchant Account and it carried on as normal and updated card details in the customer account in Magento. Now if we change the saved customer card expiry date in the merchant account, it doesn't update in the Magento 2 website.

So basically when we update credit card expiry details in a Braintree merchant account we want to update the credit card expiry date in Magento website immediately.

Give the necessary steps if we need to follow the steps in the Magento Website.


We posted above query to Braintree support team and they replied as follow.

"Yes, I checked the video you provided, and in the video, we can see the expiry date is not updated on the Magento platform. We understand that this issue may have caused inconvenience to you and your customers.

However, based on the information you have provided, I think this issue should be checked at the Magento platform first, because we don't know what specific method and logic are they taking to get the credit card info (like expiry date). I guess they may call this Payment Method: Find API here actively to get that info, but for some reason, it's processing correctly.

Please note that Braintree only provides the necessary methods and APIs for retrieving this information, while the implementation and management of these features remain the responsibility of the Magento platform. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the Magento support team to have them investigate this issue and identify whether it's an error within their own system or a problem with the integration of Braintree's APIs.

If they have any trouble using the Braintree APIs, kindly request them to provide us with specific API logs with their request and response, so our team can assist with identifying any errors on our side. Please rest assured that we will provide you with our full support and cooperate with the Magento team to resolve this issue as soon as possible."