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Ongoing issues with checkout

Ongoing issues with checkout



I am not our developer, however, I oversee our ecommerce and work with our development team. 

We have been having on ongoing issue with out checkout where our clients/users are reporting they are unable to checkout. They are reporting that their orders won't go through. We have found this is an intermittent issue, so it's been hard to replicate. After investigation, we've attributed this issue to compatibility problems. Interestingly, the issue seems to be more prevalent on iOS and Mac devices.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Ongoing issues with checkout

Without detailed look into your logs, nobody can help you. It could be a million different things. You need experienced Magento devs to debug why this is happening and fix it. 

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Re: Ongoing issues with checkout


Intermittent checkout issues can be challenging to diagnose and resolve, especially if they appear to be more prevalent on specific devices or platforms like iOS and Mac. While I can't provide specific data on whether others have experienced the exact issue you're facing, I can offer some guidance on how to approach and potentially resolve such issues:

  1. Replicate and Document the Issue:

    • Try to replicate the issue internally using iOS and Mac devices. Document the specific steps and any error messages encountered during the checkout process. This can provide valuable information for troubleshooting.
  2. Browser and Device Compatibility Testing:

    • Check whether the issue is browser-specific. Test the checkout process in different browsers on iOS and Mac devices to see if the problem occurs consistently in a particular browser.
  3. Review Device and Browser Support:

    • Ensure that your e-commerce platform and payment gateway support the browsers and devices your customers are using. Sometimes, older browsers or versions may not be fully compatible.
  4. Check Payment Gateway Integration:

    • Verify the integration with your payment gateway. Payment gateway issues can often be the cause of checkout problems. Make sure your payment gateway supports all the features you are using on your website.
  5. Review Third-Party Extensions:

    • If your e-commerce website uses third-party extensions or modules, ensure they are up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of your platform. Incompatibilities with extensions can lead to checkout issues.
  6. SSL and Security Certificates:

    • Ensure that your website's SSL certificate is valid and correctly configured. SSL-related issues can disrupt the checkout process, especially on Mac and iOS devices.
  7. Server and Hosting Environment:

    • Review your server and hosting environment for any issues related to server configuration, resource limitations, or performance. Slow or unstable servers can lead to checkout problems.
  8. Review Mobile Optimization:

    • Check your website's mobile responsiveness and optimization. Mobile users, including iOS and Mac users, may encounter issues if the site is not well-optimized for smaller screens.
  9. JavaScript Errors:

    • Inspect the browser's console for any JavaScript errors that may occur during the checkout process. These errors can provide insights into the issue.
  10. User Feedback and Testing:

    • Collect feedback from affected users to gather more information about when and where the issue occurs. Encourage them to provide screenshots or details about any error messages they see.
  11. Monitor Server Logs:

    • Review your server logs for any unusual activity or errors during the times when users report checkout problems. This can help pinpoint server-related issues.
  12. Testing in a Staging Environment:

    • If possible, set up a staging environment that replicates your production environment and test different scenarios to identify and fix the issue without affecting live customers.
  13. Engage a Developer or Support Team:

    • If the issue persists and you can't identify the root cause, consider engaging a developer or support team with expertise in your e-commerce platform. They can perform a more detailed investigation and provide tailored solutions.