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How to improve my magento ecommerce performance?

How to improve my magento ecommerce performance?

I am using Magento to build a retail website for my business, however, I am experiencing some performance issues because I can't optimize page load times. In addition, we don't have a magento 2 developer on staff; if I want to develop robust features for my website, should I hire a Magento specialist or agency?


Re: How to improve my magento ecommerce performance?

You can optimizing your magento 2 store's performance by various methods, some of them may not include developers involvement:

1. Selecting Reliable Hosting: Choose a reputable hosting provider preferably Managed Magento Hosting for consistent performance. Managed Hosting provider will manage your server technicalities and help make your site's performance more reliable.

2. Server Compatibility: Ensure your server aligns with Magento 2 requirements, including PHP version, compatible database, web server, and memory.

3. Image and Media Optimization: Optimize images using compressors like TinyPNG. Implement lazy loading and use the WebP format for faster loading.

4. Reducing HTTP Requests: Minimize requests by merging and minifying JS/CSS files. Prioritize loading essential CSS for faster rendering.

5. Managing Extensions: Evaluate third-party extensions' impact on performance. Remove unnecessary ones and seek faster alternatives.

6. Caching and Content Delivery: Enable built-in caching, consider Varnish and Redis for backend caching, and use CDNs for global content delivery.

7. HTTP/2 Implementation: Transition to HTTP/2 for faster page loads, security, and efficiency.