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Hello community!

Hello community!

I work for Austin Hardware & Supply, in Buford, GA


I'm the Web Developer for our company's website, the only one that does front-end design.


I started with Magento earlier in the spring of this year. I needed to learn as much as I could because when I started this job, I had not known about Magento and it's our site's main CMS.


I love to go hiking, or play disc golf when I'm not at work or helping out at church.


I'm excited for our integration to Magento 2 starting this Dec/Jan and hopefully will be completed by summer 2020. I'm sure I'll be asking tons of questions during this process because I'm primarily a front-end developer/designer and not used to full scale website dev.


Re: Hello community!

Hi Nic,


Welcome to the forums! It's a great place to ask questions, share experiences, and give feedback. With your upcoming Magento 2 project in mind, you've definitely come to the right place.


Another great resource is
, which includes documentation on much of Magento's standard features and functionality.

Additionally, you can view "known" issues with the Magento 2 platform on   Github:

You can learn about the forum guidelines here:


...and if you ever get stuck, just ask a question, or reach out to @sherrie who oversees this forum.


Best of luck!

Re: Hello community!



Welcome to forum and Magento community! With this forum another good place to look for a solution is Only recommendation/request I have is before posting a question look for the solution on forum or stackexchange.

- Tarandeep
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Re: Hello community!

Hey Nic,


Welcome on board Smiley Wink