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Hello everyone, I am from China.

Hello everyone, I am from China.

I want to know which kind of e-business will get Magento's help, can it be a site like or must be a shop on eBay and amazon?


Re: Hello everyone, I am from China.

Hello @chufan_yang


Magento provides the basic functionality of e-commerce system


But if you want to make like marketplace like Amazon then you need to buy some add-on for that.


Magento provide any type of customization into the system 


check above link, it is magento demo.


hope it will help you.







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Sunil Patel
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer & Frontend Developer

Re: Hello everyone, I am from China.

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Re: Hello everyone, I am from China.


Welcome to the community forums.

This community forums is a very good platform to ask the questions and try to help others.

You can also find related information on StackExchange and you can start diving into the

You can get idea about already reported/existing issue from Github:

Also, you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines)

In a short term i would say Magento is a end to end e-commerce with e-retail products , it provides basic all the functionalities which general e-commerce store have ..

hope it helps !
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Re: Hello everyone, I am from China.

Hi @chufan_yang,


Welcome to the forums!

Can you explain a little bit more which kind of help you expect from Magento?