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Hello from an Aussie in NJ, USA

Hello from an Aussie in NJ, USA

Where do you work?

Bridge Solutions Group. We're headquartered in Fort Lee, NJ but I often work from my sunroom. It has a lovely view of the woods and the stream that wraps behind my house and provides the quiet and inspiration I need for my job, which is....


What do you do?

Marketing - or helping to craft great experiences for our customers, to build brand trust.


When and how did you get started working with Magento?

Imagine 2017. Such great conference! We've just signed on as an MCOM partner (order management is our specialty) and we're excited to help the Magento community members achieve their inventory visibility and omnichannel commerce goals.


What do you do for fun?

Hiking, Sailing, Skiing, Yoga, Road Trips, Camping (I just started hammock camping), Beach Walks, Wine, and generally seeing and trying new things. I also read business and marketing books... for fun. I just love them. They fill me with ideas, which leads me to...


Any recent projects you're excited about?

At work we're running our first idea-a-thon. Customer Loyalty is the topic. Basically teams have to generate as many ideas as possible to drive repeat purchases, and there are prizes for the team with the most innovative ideas, most ideas, etc. So much fun! I'm also excited about...


My first video project. We're developing a series of videos on how order management helps companies improve their customer experience, increase inventory visibility, and increase sales. My 8 year old son also wants to start his own science based You Tube channel, so I'm really excited to explore the world of video. Stay tuned!

Nicola Kinsella | Ask me about Order Management

Re: Hello from an Aussie in NJ, USA

Welcome @Nicola_Kinsella! So glad you were able to make it to Imagine—I hope you enjoyed it!


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Re: Hello from an Aussie in NJ, USA

Hi,i am from Newark, NJ, am a freelancer , will also be attending the webinar.