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Hi all - very nice to meet you!

Hi all - very nice to meet you!

Hi folks,

My name is Nick Hardy and I look after marketing for a software development company called Anagram Systems. We provide a stock control / inventory management system called Encore which integrates with Magento. We also offer web development as a service.


I also work with the Business Applications Software Developers Association (BASDA) and have a place on the organisation’s General Council. BASDA represents the interests of the UK software development industry.  


I live in Horsham, West Sussex with my wife, two sons and one cat. Outside of work, my main interest is music and I’m a keen (but awful) mandolin player.


I’m very much looking forward to contributing to this forum and also attending local meet-ups.


All the best,




Re: Hi all - very nice to meet you!

Hi @Nick_Hardy,


Welcome to the community.

I fyou want information about meetups and events you can check here:


Also, on every Monday Digest there's a list of upcoming events. This is the digest from yesterday: