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Introducing Myself (and a H1 Question)

Introducing Myself (and a H1 Question)

Hi All


Pretty much a newbie.


I started a new job about 2 months ago now, and have been using Magento and Akeneo for the company pretty much since day 1. Kind of getting a good idea of how it all works as I usually pick these things up quickly and well as I go along. 


I am now on here looking for help for h1 as the agency my company use can sometimes be a little slow so just trying to fix the issues myself. Have looked in various places and all over the Magento site for one page that is missing an h1, I have even tried just cheating and typing it out in various locations of the page content and still nothing!


If anyone can point me to where the "CMS  - Page  - Design - Page Layout - Layouts" Looks I think I may find the actual page I need to attach a bloody h1. 


This has taken up quite a bit of my morning so apologies for this being a bit being a bit rushed and maybe in the wrong place. Just almost about to lose the plot.


Thanks in advance and I hope that the next time I am here I can help to answer peoples problems. 


Kind Regards


Stephen Edwards


Re: Introducing Myself (and a H1 Question)

Welcome to the community forums.

This community forum is a good platform to ask the questions and if you know the answer then share the answer of any question.


We have a section related to Magento 1 and Magento 2 regarding questions. So you have to ask question related to specific section.


You can check section related to Magento 1 name as,


You can check section related to Magento 2 name as,



If you're new to our forums, welcome! Take a look around, introduce yourselfcheck out our guidelines, and be sure to reach out to me or any of our awesome moderators if you have any questions.


You can ask also question to Magento Community Manager @sherrie if you have still issue.

All the awesome moderators and @sherrie will be always happy to sort out your issue.


You can find CMS page from Admin panel. You need to login to check your "CMS  - Page  - Design - Page Layout - Layouts"  section.



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Re: Introducing Myself (and a H1 Question)

Hi @stephen_edwards


Welcome to the Magento Community Forum !


Directly coming to your question - In the Magento you can find Page Layout in the specific Page.


So logged in to your Magento 2 admin panel


Go to the left side menu click on Content -> Pages -> Edit Specific Page -> Then over there you will find Design Section -> From there you can do Layout update settings for the same !


You can add updated design related things from there only !


Hope it helps 

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Re: Introducing Myself (and a H1 Question)

Hi Manthan


Apologies for the very late response. Been so busy trying to keep on top of everything. I have only just had the chance to look at your response.


ITurns out it looks like am still on Magento 1 so I wonder if there is a way of editing the page in v1, Trying to look everywhere in the CMS page information part. but nothing at all is working.