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Looking To Hire Magento Expert...where do I go?

Looking To Hire Magento Expert...where do I go?

Hello, I have a very old Magento powered site that needs to be upgraded to the latest version and also have a new "Responsive" template installed. I also need a feature that allows previous customers the ability to re-order a similar or exact order that they ordered in the past. If this is the wrong thread or board, please let me know where to post this.Thanks for any help you can provide in helping me find a Magento Expert. 


Re: Looking To Hire Magento Expert...where do I go?

Hello @kz1develon7293 


Welcome to the Magento community forum.


If you are looking for developer/expert who can work for you on your project then i would suggest you to explore the Magento Partner portal directory !


From their you will find list of Magento partner who can help you out to achieve the same !


Here by i am sharing link -


Hope it helps !

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Re: Looking To Hire Magento Expert...where do I go?

Hi thereSmiley Happy I'm looking for the same but rather looking for a partner company, we're looking for a single freelancer preferably from Eastern-Europe. We're a team of freelancer (see and for more info) who do mostly Laravel and NodeJS for the backend but now need at least 20h per day to join the Magento ninja. Hoped to find here in this forum "job board" type of category but as didn't, just posting here.

Or kz1develon7293 did you find a good place? So far have been trying also Facebook/LinkedIn groups and UpWork but n success so far. Well, of course it's also a matter of luck if the right guy happens to see your posts while you're in the search or now but let's try Smiley Happy

Re: Looking To Hire Magento Expert...where do I go?

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