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Magento 2 Automated Returns

Magento 2 Automated Returns

Dear Community,

I am looking for a tool that can be easily integrated into Magento 2. This should enable me, or rather my customers, to register automatic returns, just like you know it from the big marketplaces: The customer sees his order and can select products that he wants to return and automatically receives the return label by email after confirmation. It should also be possible to connect the system to the logistics department so that it can process incoming returns directly.


I hope my information makes sense, I am not from the DEV area, but am a beginner with a sales background


Can you recommend a plugin/software/provider that you have had good experiences with?





Re: Magento 2 Automated Returns

What you're looking for is "return merchandise authorization", just google Magento 2 RMA extension.

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Re: Magento 2 Automated Returns

There are several extensions or plugins available that can facilitate automatic returns within Magento 2. Here are a few options that may suit your requirements:

1. Amasty RMA: This extension allows customers to submit return requests easily and provides automatic return labels upon approval. It integrates with Magento 2 and supports customization for various return scenarios.

2. Webkul RMA for Magento 2: This extension streamlines the return process by enabling customers to request returns directly from their account. It supports automatic label generation and allows for integration with the logistics department.

3. Magento Marketplace Extensions: Explore the Magento Marketplace for additional extensions tailored to automated returns and label generation. Look for user reviews, features, and compatibility with your Magento version to find the most suitable option.


Before selecting an extension, ensure it meets your specific requirements, integrates well with your Magento version, and offers the necessary features for automatic return label generation and logistics integration. Additionally, consider compatibility with your existing systems and the level of support provided by the extension's developers.

Re: Magento 2 Automated Returns

Thank you very much for your detailed answer, helped me a lot! Smiley Happy