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Magento 2 server architecture

Magento 2 server architecture

We have been using Magento1 the past 6 years with the following configuration.

4 webnodes, 1 mysql node, and 1 nfs node. The webnodes are sitting behind a load balancer and they have the entire Magento directory mounted from the NFS node. We have about 2000 configurable products.


We are migrating to Magento2 soon and I am looking for a better architecture this time around. Our developers are recommending a single server to run mysql, nginx, and redis, but I have concerns about load capacity with this method. What should a typical build look like? Should I stick with the same structure we are using for Magento1?


We self host in a virtual environment, so I can build out the environment however I need.  


Re: Magento 2 server architecture

am in the same process too this what I have done so far and I think you should do:

  • S3 bucket for images sync.
  • aurora database
  • load balancer with auto scaling
  • CDN
  • and currently installing redis cluster to manage sessions.



I need to find how to separate the backend from the front end to manage the admin independent from the frontend.


This is my advice