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Need help with shipping charges

Need help with shipping charges

I am running a client store and they want to give free shipping in India and shipping charges 2000 for all other countries how to achieve this?


Re: Need help with shipping charges

@prince_ramgarhi  Can be done in various way. Table rate should be easy enough for you. Configure 0.00 for India and 2000 for rest of the world (*). Just with the 2 rows should be good.

- Tarandeep
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Re: Need help with shipping charges



You can follow below shared official document.


In this there are multiple way to to achieve this:

1. You can define FREE SHIPPING for India and FLAT for rest other countries.


You can set TABLE rate shipping method to achieve this.

Manish Mittal

Re: Need help with shipping charges

Hi @prince_ramgarhi 

Kindly refer below link for your issue:

It may help you to resolve issue.

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Re: Need help with shipping charges

Hello @prince_ramgarhi 


you can do either table rate and using flat rate


Using flat rate you can assign international shipping price and create cart rule with India country and set free shipping for matching item


let me know if you need more info to create rule


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Sunil Patel
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