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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is Albert and I'll be attending my first Imagine this year! I'm the digital marketing manager at a smaller company called BDS Laundry Systems.


I am the digital marketing manager for our e-commerce site where we sell laundry parts. I have a wide range of responsibilities including managing products, content, the newsletter, promotions, sales reports and API connections within Magento plus managing the AdWords account, using Google Analytics to discover traffic patterns and where we can improve our user experience, SEO, shipping, photos and all of the problems that arise.  


I'm looking forward to Imagine 2018 to learn about how to better optimize my Magento store for mobile (PWAs), email marketing, retargeting and just gain a better overall understanding of working efficiently within Magento's available tools.


I'll be at the sports book during my free time at Imagine 2018 Smiley Happy