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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone,


I am Vivek - Founder of IZooto. We are a browser notification based solution for retargeting and engagement. We recently started our journey on Magento and had our extension live in the marketplace a few weeks back. This will be my first imagine event and as app developers, we are super excited to be there.


My first experience with the Magento community was at Meet Magento in India earlier this year. It was only after the event did we decide to freeze on the plans for Imagine. 

I am responsible for growth and marketing @ iZooto and we work with a bunch of solution partners, agencies helping them use browser notifications as a catalyst for driving conversions and engagement. 


On a parallel note, if any one of you has ever wanted to shop from India, we are helping people order stuff and will bring it along with us at Imagine. Get started here.