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Hello, I'll go next! Woman Very Happy


I'm Thien-Lan Weber, CMO at OneStepCheckout.


It's going to be the 3rd Imagine for me whilst our company has had a presence since the early days in 2010. We get the early bird tickets as soon as they are available because we get so much value out of this event: inspiration from key note speakers, trends and vibe from Magento experts and the Community, first hand feedback from customers, collaboration ideas from Agency, Extension Partners, Magento teams etc... I just hope this year  I don't break my phone on day one of the conference!


I've also had the pleasure to attend other big events like Magento Live UK and France, Meet Magento Netherlands as well as world first like Meet Magento Norway (I'm based in Oslo).


For those who don't know us, we are the expert in checkout for Magento, focusing on developing and constantly improving our one product: the Original OneStepCheckout. This year we can proudly join Magento 2 conversations and share case studies as our OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 extension released last September and keeps evolving everyday.


In my free time I enjoy playing with my sons (6 and 9), cooking, eating out and travelling. PM me if you'd like shopping tips while in Vegas Smiley Wink