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[2.1.0] composer install --no-dev should not install development dependencies

Feature request from hostep, posted on GitHub Jun 26, 2016

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Magento 2.1.0 using composer but use the --no-dev flag
  2. Look at the dev/ directory in the filesystem

Expected result

  1. The dev/ directory should be empty or non-existing

Actual result

  1. The dev/ directory exists and contains a bunch of development stuff


In an effort to try to find the best options of deploying a Magento 2 installation to a production server, I keep discovering issues which aren't ideal. As a best practise, we use composer install --no-dev --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader on a production server when deploying. I would expect that no development dependencies gets installed because of this, but this is not true.

This isn't only about the /dev directory, but also for example about the lib/web/css/docs/ directory. The last one for example causes the setup:static-content:deploy command to compile a less file which has absolutely no purpose of existing on a production server while it takes multiple seconds to compile this file, per locale, per theme. In a very quick test, I discovered that when removing the above directories before executing setup:di:compile and setup:static-content:deploy makes those two run about 58 seconds faster (on my local machine) then without removing those directories.

Here is a list of files/directories which I believe shouldn't get deployed to a production server:

  • .htaccess.sample
  • .php_cs
  • .travis.yml
  • COPYING.txt
  • Gruntfile.js.sample
  • LICENSE.txt
  • nginx.conf.sample
  • package.json.sample
  • php.ini.sample
  • dev/
  • lib/web/css/docs/
  • phpserver/
  • ...

(the license files, I'm not sure about)

I think most of these files are getting into place because of the mapping in the composer.json file of the magento2-base module. It would be great if those mappings can get split of into a mapping for development purposes and one for all environments. My suggestion would be to add a map-dev to the extra section in the composer.json similar as the normal map section and update the magento-composer-installer project to support this and only install the map-dev files when you run composer without the --no-dev flag.

This is all theoretically, I haven't tested this properly, but let me know what you think.

I know that in your deploy scripts, you can simply delete the files you don't want after composer install --no-dev has run, but I think it makes sense to automate this, because not everyone will notice these issues.

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