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Documentation for Building Extensions

Documentation for Building Extensions

We recommend reading the documentation related to Bulding Extensions first. You can find it here:


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Hey Piotr, better make that one sticky? Rico

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@Rico_Neitzel done

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Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Nice and very useful for beginners

Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Thanks for sharing this documentation. This is very helpful.

Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Thanks for the info. Does Magento company have beta testers ? Does magento in any way help developers?

Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Wouldnt it be swell to have something like this for Magento2

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Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Hi there,

I am having 5+ years of experience in Web development and I am Magento certified.

I love to develop this extension in Magento 1.x

Are you planning for the same extension in Magento 2 also ?

This extension will be paid or free ?

If you need my help, feel free to contact us anytime.


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Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Hi  Sumeet Shroff,


Extension is a structural element of Magento 2 – the whole system is built upon modules. Typically, the first step in creating a customization is building a Extension.

To create a module, you need to complete the following high-level steps:

  1. Create the extension folder.
  2. Create the etc/module.xml file.
  3. Create the registration.php file.
  4. Run the bin/magento setup:upgrade script to install the new module.
  5. Check that the extension is working.

Let’s go through each of these steps in detail.

Refer this below url will give the video tutorial


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Re: Documentation for Building Extensions

Really a helpful documents that covers various points. You need to research some more for advance documentations. I know you can do it.