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How to set a store based on IP

How to set a store based on IP

I have multiple stores and store views and I need to set the store based on customer IP address. How can I create a module/extension for this?.



Re: How to set a store based on IP

Hello @sainulabidnv 


You can consider below url:
GeoIP Extension 

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Re: How to set a store based on IP

Have you found solution? Facing same issue for my blog.

Re: How to set a store based on IP

Magento supports the ability to set a store based on the visitor's IP address using the following steps:

  1. Create a new store view: In the Magento Admin Panel, navigate to Stores > Settings > All Stores. Click the "Create Store View" button, and give your new store view a name.

  2. Assign the store view to a website: Go to the "Store View Information" section, and select the website you want to associate with this store view from the "Website" dropdown.

  3. Configure the store view: In the same section, go to the "Store Information" tab. Set the "Status" field to "Enabled" and fill in the rest of the fields as desired.

  4. Set up IP-based store switching: Navigate to the System Configuration section, and go to the General > Web section. Scroll down to the "Unsecure" and "Secure" tabs, and find the "Add Website to list of Trusted Addresses" section. Enter the IP addresses you want to associate with this store view, separated by a comma.

  5. Test the IP-based store switching: To test the IP-based store switching, you can use a tool such as "What is my IP?" to determine your IP address. Then, visit your Magento website, and check that you are seeing the correct store view based on your IP address.

Please note that IP-based store switching is not a 100% reliable method, as IP addresses can change, and some users may use proxy servers that change their IP address. But it can still be a useful feature to have in certain scenarios.

Re: How to set a store based on IP

To set up a store based on IP in Magento, you can follow these general steps:


=>Enable the GeoIP functionality: magento doesn't have built-in GeoIP functionality, so you'll need to install and configure a GeoIP extension or service. There are various extensions available in the Magento Marketplace that provides GeoIP capabilities. Choose one that suits your needs and install it following the provided instructions.

=>Obtain a GeoIP database: The GeoIP extension will require a GeoIP database to map IP addresses to geographical locations. Some extensions may include a built-in database, while others may require you to obtain one separately. Follow the extension documentation or instructions to obtain the necessary GeoIP database and configure it within magento.

=>Configure the store views: In Magento, store views describe different versions of your store for different locations or languages. Create the necessary store views based on the regions or countries you want to target. Each store view will have its own settings, including currency, language, and catalog configuration.

=>Configure the GeoIP rules: Once the GeoIP extension is installed and configured, you can set up rules to map IP addresses to specific store views. These rules typically involve specifying IP ranges or specific countries/regions and assigning the corresponding store view to them. Refer to the documentation or user guide of the installed GeoIP extension to learn how to configure these rules properly.

=>Remember to regularly update the GeoIP database to ensure accurate mapping of IP addresses to locations, as IP address ranges may change over time. Additionally, keep in mind any legal considerations regarding data privacy and compliance with applicable laws when implementing IP-based store setups.

Please note that these steps are a general instruction, and the specific process may vary depending on the GeoIP extension or service you choose to implement in your Magento store.


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