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Replication Methods

Replication Methods


I have a Magento 2 database synced to Magento BI.  In BI, the product tables contain too much data.  For example my live M2 database might have 5 simple products under configurable product A23 for example but the BI table shows 10 attached and and has two records for each simple (eg.A23-1, A3-1, A23-2 , A3-2 etc).


The Magento BI contains 10 simple products with relationships and has the products duplicated.  These will be paired with the same sku but have a different ID.  Therefore, if I try to query the Magento BI table to give me stock across attached simple products, this is showing wrong.


I have tried all of the available replication methods and left them for 24 hours to sync but none seem to be deleting the offending rows which do not exist in my live M2 database.


Can anyone help?


Re: Replication Methods

Hi @liam_winn,

In order to check for and remove deleted rows from MBI, you'll need to configure rechecks on the primary key(s) in your product table. Take a look at this article for more information:

Keep in mind that row deletions are not compatible with tables replicating with Modified At, so you will need to first adjust the replication method to Single Auto-Inc PK (for tables with a single primary key), or Primary Key Batch Monitoring (for tables with a composite key) before configuring the data recheck.

I hope this helps!

Chris Schmid
Sr. Product Analyst