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Automated AI Personalization Platform

Automated AI Personalization Platform

Magento offers seemingly endless customization options, this makes it harder from creating an extension that is truly plug and play, since the variables change. Such as product catalog options. 

Here at XGen AI,, we have created an ECommerce Automated AI Personalization Platform and with that the ability for websites such as the personalization company I am now a part of, XGen AI offers AI Based 1:1 personalization for every visitor with a fully automated solution that works out of the box.

Despite this challenge we have created a way to integrate with Magento, it does require some customization on our side. But integrations are faster typically by 3-4x than the industry standard. I am curious how many of you have considered personalization for your sites? How many have heard of it. What your understanding of it is. We offer analytics, empirical testing of elements, an increased AOV and revenue lift are generally expected. 

People spend a lot of money getting visitors to a site, spending a small fraction to keep them there just makes sense.

Does anyone have questions about personalization? 1:1 nature of it? What barriers if any would have to be overcome to implement this type of technology?