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Build custom form that allows to upload file

Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi everybody,

I am seeking a Form Builder extension that allows uploading file in magento 2.

Could anyone here suggest me some such extension?

Looking for your help and thank you.


Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file



You have two choices for this extension,




You can choose from above extension.

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Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi Rossi,


For your question, I have a suggestion for you: Magento 2 Form Builder Extension.


It helps you build custom form to upload file on this.


Check demo:


Other Advanced Features on Magento 2 Form Builder Extension:


  • Drag & Drop Custom Form
  • Visual Content Creator
  • Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design
  • Multiple Input Types and file type
  • Create Unlimited forms
  • Customizable form appearance
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Add to Any Position
  • Multiple Form Type to Display
  • Export Data To CSV
  • So on

* Note: You will get Free Magento Installation Service Extension on Landofcoder for each purchased Extension on that.


Hope my answer will help you well.

Best regards,

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi @Rosiii!


You can also check out this Form Builder extension for Magento 2 that allows to upload files –


Best Regards,



Our Extensions for Magento 2  

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file



You can also try this Custom Form extension for Magento 2 -


It has a wide range of field types, including File Attachment. So your clients will be able to upload files if needed.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi guys,

I highly appreciate Form Builder extension for Magento 2. It is an incredible extension which provides an optimal solution to create your page and make magento 2 theme faster and easier.

It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS pages... straightly and visually at front-end without having to log in the admin back-end.

It tolerates Unlimited Front-end Builder Accounts and allows you to select header & footer for the website using available multiple headers & footers, or you can easily add/ edit new headers and footers as you wish.


Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi Rosiii, 


I would recommend this form builder for Magento 2:

You just need to drag and drop file upload into your form.So easy, right? 

Also, you can limit file type, file size and file number that users can upload. 

To learn more about this feature, you can visit:


Hope that this reply will help you find your wanted Magento 2 form builder.

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi @Rosiii,

For your need Here I can suggest you the following extensions below Kindly try this extension

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Best regards

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

For your question, among a lot of extensions in the marketplace, I highly recommend  Advanced Form for Magento 2 developed by Magesolution. It allows administrator to create numerous shapes of web form with 11 useful fields to collect customer’s information to meet your marketing demand. You can easily create your own forms tailored for your business purposes.
Advanced Form - Features
Unlimited number of forms created
Automatically create email template, meanwhile, the form is being created
Generate display page while creating form
11 super exciting input types for each field (text, text area, file, image, drop-down, radio, checkbox, multiple select, date, store view, product) to choose
Support data storage and sending mail after form is submitted.
Ability to configure Send mail panel with email template, recipients and fields to reply
Allow to add CAPTCHA code to form
Allow to configure Display page similar to creating a CMS page
Allow to create your own template to display the form using available shortcodes


Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file



Check these Form Builder extensions from the marketplace that supports File Uploads:

Hope it helps!

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