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Support multi-languages for Quote request

Support multi-languages for Quote request

I want to offer multiple languages option for my customers to freely switch to their native language when they manage and create quote requests in my store. Anyone knows what quote extension supports this feature? Thanks a bunch!


Re: Support multi-languages for Quote request



If you are looking for the extension that supports the multiple languages option and helps to create a quote form, you can take a look at this Magento 2 Form Builder plugin.


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Re: Support multi-languages for Quote request

You can try this: Magento 2 Customer Quote. It allows your customer to create quote requests in different languages. Other feature it supports as:

  • Ajax add to quote
  • Easy To Use Add to Quote
  • Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
  • Live Editor For Price
  • Automate Request For Quote Process
  • Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
  • Easy to Check Quote Request Process
  • Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
  • Enter custom prices per product
  • Add or delete products from the quote request
  • Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
  • All Magento product types supported
  • Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • Convert a quote request to order using the admin panel
  • Quick Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • [New] Create Quote In The Backend
  • [New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated
  • [NEW] Add Tax for Quote
  • Ease to show Total Quote Table
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

Re: Support multi-languages for Quote request



I highly recommend this Magento 2 Quote Extension. Our company has been using this extension for the past few years and I believe their service is up to our expectations.


It also supports the multi-language feature. With Magento 2 Quote Extension, you can easily build an internationalized and localized quote section to the languages your customers are using. Hundreds of languages are available for customers’ choices. If you purchase from overseas stores, it is completely possible for you to select your mother tongue in the Quote Request section instead of the language shown in-store.

Re: Support multi-languages for Quote request

Hi mate, 


Based on my experience, I believe that Magento 2 Request For Quote Extension by Landofcoder is suitable for your request.


This extension is a smart solution for both B2B & B2C businesses!


It allows both guests and logged-in customers to submit requests for quotation forms on product pages. Customers can add multiple products to quote with custom prices and quantities. Facilitating two-face interaction between sellers and buyers, the module personalizes customers' orders and increases their retention, loyalty.


I am totally satisfied with it, a lot of utilities, plugins everything is perfect and works well on my site.


Hope this is helpful!