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Changing Nav/Search Extensions.

Changing Nav/Search Extensions.

I have an M2 site running Manadev's Layered Navigation extension and Mirasvit's Sphinx Search Ultimate (recently upgraded from M1 where these both were running together). Long story short - they don't seem to be playing nice together anymore.


The Layered Navigation is the more important one driving a lot of our SEO, so we are really hesitant to switch that. Manadev does have a search extension, but it seems to be lacking in functionality we need.




1) Anyone have experience changing a layered nav extension and what impact it had on SEO

2) Suggestions for a search extension to use if we stick with Manadev's Layered Nav?


Thanks in advance for any guidance!




Re: Changing Nav/Search Extensions.

Hi there,

If you are looking for a search extension, try to take a look at this one by Mageplaza:
The Magento 2 Search extension allows showing auto-complete search results right after customers start typing on the search box. Powered by AJAX technology, it helps customers find the right products quickly, improve the shopping experience and boost sales ultimately.


Hope it helps!

I'm Huy Dao, Digital Marketing at Mageplaza. Mageplaza is a dedicated leading extension builder for Magento 2

Re: Changing Nav/Search Extensions.

Hi there,

Are you in need of a solution for your customer's search product fast?


I believe Magento 2 Search Extension will be a perfect weapon for you. This extension offers Ajax Search with Lightening Fast Speed. This extension helps engage customers from the very first typed character. Notably, with the new version, visitors can search ves blog, ves brand, cms pages, and lof FAQ questions fast and easily.


Key features include:

  • Search as you type from the first typed character
  • Ajax Search With Lightening Fast Speed
  • Search Autocomplete & Relevant Suggestions
  • Trending Keyword Suggestion
  • Optimize search for phones and tablets
  • Magento 2 Search Autocomplete with Filter Categories
  • Customized Appearance
  • Right-to-left languages are supported

I hope this will help your store in the future.

Re: Changing Nav/Search Extensions.

Hey there,


I would recommend Magento 2 Google Custom Search extension by Solwin.


This Google Custom Search Magento 2 extension enhances the search functionality of the Magento 2 eCommerce store.


This Magento 2 extension helps to integrate Google custom search to the website and enhance search functionality. It will also help for search engine optimization.


This extension works in Multi-store environments and improves Google search results with images.


Benefits Of Google Custom Search Integration

  • Improves the customer shopping experience.
  • Improve SEO for your store and global rank.
  • Customers can search the specific websites from the store.

I hope this extension helps you.