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Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a Magento 2.4 extension related to GDPR and Cookie Notice. The extension should show a banner to visitors through which to ask to give or deny consent to cookies and to read the cookie policy. Thanks to those who will help me


Re: Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Hi @euroshop ,


Before using any extension, can you check magento default feature of cookie restriction mode.


Hope this helps you!

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Re: Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Hello @euroshop 


Hope everything is awesome at your end!


Kindly have a look at this link of Marketplace, you will find the solution.


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Re: Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Hi There,


If you are still looking for a Magento extension related to GDPR and Cookie Notice then Webkul's Magento 2 GDPR is the best solution for you.


Display Cookie Notice 


  • Cookie notice block will be displayed on every page.
  • If customers accept this cookie notice it will not display for one day and save data in the system as a cookie.
  • After installing the module, automatically a default cookie static block will be created.
  • Admin can create other new Static Blocks or can edit in default static block.
  • Admin has to enter the static block Identifier code to display that static block on the front-end.
  • Admin can set the position of Cookie Block as Bottom Left or Bottom Right.

Also, with the help of Magento 2 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) extension, you can make sure that your online store complies with the all latest EU (European Union) regulations and guidelines for user data protection.


Hope this post will be helpful for you.








Re: Cookie notice extension (GDPR) for Magento 2.4

Hi there,


I find this Magento 2 Cookie Consent module from BSS Commerce can meet all of your requirements! If anyone is looking for a cookie notice module, this module is like an advanced one.


This extension not only allows you to create & display a banner for cookies. But also supports Google Consent Mode v2 for cookie consent - which is really necessary to comply with the latest EU user privacy law and ensure Google ads & analytics working well.

ESpecially, this module assists you in adding link about cookie policy right onto the banner for customers to click & find out more. And you can set to only display to certain countries, too.


Find more features here.


Hope this is helpful to you!

James Hoang