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Create your own gift box

Create your own gift box

We are looking to have our customers be able to create their own gift set box. Ideally the customer flow would be as follows:

1. Select a gift set box from a variety of options

2. Select their products to put in box (if items won't fit they get greyed out)
3. Add a card with message (optional)

4. Complete box


Something quite similar to or These are Shopify websites and I would like to have this similar idea on a Magento 2 based website. 


Any help would be amazing.


Thank you.


Re: Create your own gift box

Hi Brian,


Magento has a native feature set that can handle a lot of this. If you set up a Bundled Product, you can allow shoppers to choose between simple products to add. The prices of the products that they choose will impact the cost of the complete bundle. 


There are some Magento extensions that will build on this native feature set, such as:


Beyond that, I'm not aware of an extension that will get you 100% of the way to your goal. I believe you'd need to invest in some level of customization.


Another way to go would be using a personalization/bundling engine, like


Best of luck!



Re: Create your own gift box

Thank you! Thank You! I think I might be able to make the Flexible bundle module work with some CSS Stylization.

Re: Create your own gift box

My pleasure!

Re: Create your own gift box

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Re: Create your own gift box

Hi there,


We think it would be a good choice from Landofcoder. They provide MAGENTO 2 GIFT CARD EXTENSION which will help:


Thanks to this amazing Magento 2 Gift Card module, the customers on your Magento 2 store can create their own gift cards with different pricing, image, quantity, etc. Moreover, they can personalize and customize the gift card to be more eye-catching and dynamic with drag n drop features and appealing design. Once the custom-made gift card is purchased, a code and a greeting message will then immediately be sent to the receiver of the gift card.


- Create multiple physical & virtual gift cards
- Adjust gift vouchers to specific needs
- Apply gift card codes in the shopping cart & checkout page easily
- Display the gift card balance on the customer account page
- Manage gift card email notifications with ease
- Generate unlimited gift card codes
- Keep track of all card transactions
- Offer various gift card images
- Configure settings for each gift card product


Try it here!

Re: Create your own gift box

How you did this?

Re: Create your own gift box

To let your customers create their own gift set box on a Magento 2 website, follow these steps: First, offer a variety of brown kraft gift boxes for selection. Next, let customers pick products to include, with items that don't fit getting greyed out. Optionally, customers can add a personalized card with a message. Finally, they complete their box. This flow mirrors the systems used by sites like BoxFox and HappyBox, but tailored for Magento 2.