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Extension for daily temporary discount

Extension for daily temporary discount

Hello Community,


Seeking a extension that lets you at a specific time on one, several or all products can offer a discount every day. Unfortunately I have not found anything comparable. It should be an extension that others have tested. Or who can program for me?

Thank you so much!


Re: Extension for daily temporary discount


Possibly, our Daily Deal extension is able to help you. Using it you can create and schedule as many deals (discounts) as you want on category, product pages or both. + countdouns, labels, etc to attract attention.

Re: Extension for daily temporary discount

Hi @sunshinedeal, this Daily Deal Extension may be what you need. With a countdown, daily deal extension integrates your store with limited time deal functionality to motivate your customers to buy more.


- Review all of your deals in three tabs

- Attract customers by the countdown timer interface

- Timeline slider on top define deals for any interval

- Display the deals in the left or right sidebar with ease

- Attract customers by timer, discount,...

- Flexible time configuration

- Admin can configure number of products per page

Re: Extension for daily temporary discount

Hi sunshinedeal ! With Daily Deal for Magento you can setup countdown timer for daily deals, weekly deal or for any time period you want with this Magento Deals Extension. You are able to adjust the amount of product to sell during the promotion campaign.  Deal accompanied with countdown timer on each product will be displayed on Category page, product listing page and Product details page, which makes your daily deals  more noticeable.


Re: Extension for daily temporary discount



You can try this Daily Deals extension for Magento 2. Products with special prices and catalog price rules will be converted into daily deals. You can enable the countdown timer if the dates are specified as well as place special offers on category and product pages, homepage and shopping cart.


Hope it will be of help!


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Re: Extension for daily temporary discount


I really want to suggest you using Magento 2 Daily Deals extension. Highlight your website's one-day deal with this extension. 

Re: Extension for daily temporary discount



We recommend you consider the 'Magento 2 Daily Deals Extension by Milople Technologies, which is specifically designed to address your requirements. This extension allows you to schedule daily discounts on one, several, or all products at specified times. It offers a reliable and tested solution to manage daily deals effectively.


The 'Magento 2 Daily Deals' extension has been used and tested by many e-commerce businesses to provide time-sensitive discounts. Additionally, you can easily find experienced developers who can help you configure and customize this extension to meet your specific needs.


By implementing this extension, you can efficiently run daily discount promotions on your Magento store, enhancing your sales strategy and providing an excellent shopping experience for your customers.