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we are building new magento web site and need to buy some extensons do you recommend some companies?


Re: Extension

I think before anyone can answer this question appropriately you need to specify what you want the store to do that Magento doesn't already do.


There are many reputable plugin developers out there; but they all have different products so recommending 'some companies' won't really be effective.

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Re: Extension

The extensions selection highly depends on what you would be selling in your store and what will the target audience. However there are some general extensions which are considered as must have for all type of stores in order to improve backend performance, customer experiences and conversions rate. Here are few that I would like to recommend.



Re: Extension

If you are starting up, you should experience some of the FREE extensions based on Magento platform. For example:


1. FREE Social Login extension simplifies login step when supporting more 6 popular social channels as Facebook, Twitter, ....


2. FREE Reward Points extension has an important role of increasing customer loyalty.


3. FREE Affiliate extension is the perfect tool for the beginning of building an effective representative sale force


Let consider to my suggestions and hope you are successful!

Re: Extension

Id have to disagree with @iweb_p3mbo such a list isn't effective. By starting with a list of providers that have been recommended and/or you have used and trust. You can save yourself alot of hassel. 95% of the time the extension you want will be available from multiple vendors if you go straight to your trusted ones and to check to see if one of them has the extension you need before searching the wider web your going to save debugging and integration time.

My personal list is here in the form of a twitter list :

There is also which was recently setup I believe by @Fooman which is a nice list of reputable providers committed to innovation, adhering to coding standings and providing good support.

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Re: Extension

There are lots of Magento extension that you can use for your store, but it is essential for you to use a right and tempting extension help you enhance customer experiences and  increase the profit.

To make your work a lot easier, I have listed some of the top and high-rated Magento extension on Magento connect for you refer :



Re: Extension

You can find extensions for Magento website on

One of the most popular is Quote extension, check it here

Re: Extension

Hi buddies,


For your question above, I have a suggestion for you. You can purchase Magento Extension on Landofcoder site. Because Landofcoder is a reputation provider in Magento Extension with tons of High-quality Extension and services.

And here is the list of Extensions Magento, you need to start your project:

+ Magento 2 Page Builder Extension
+ Magento 2 Form Builder Extension
+ Magento 2 Marketplace Extension
+ Magento 2 Image Gallery Pro Extension
+ Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro Extension
+ Magento 2 FAQ Extension
+ Magento 2 Advanced Report Extension
+ Magento 2 Reward Points

Besides, if you need more extension, you can go to that to get more. In case you want to get more features for the extension, feel free to contact us and our developer will work on that to meet your demand.


Re: Extension

Hi @MohamedGahly1

Hope you are doing well!


There is such a wide range of answers for your question. Some have been building Magento 2 extensions, besides some can build a new one as your expectation. And LandOfCoder is one of the names in that list.

You can take a look at LandOfCoder Magento Extensions in the following list:


- Blog
- Testimonial
- Image Gallery
- Image Gallery PRO
- Help Desk
- Product Notification
- Customer Quotation
- Page Builder
- Form Builder
- Advanced Reports
- Multi Vendor Marketplace
- Order Tracking
- Social Login
- Store Locator
- Auto Search
- Mega Menu PRO
- Mega Menu
- Layered Navigation
- Reward Points Pro
- Follow Up Email
- Hide Price

Free Magento 2 Extension

- Affiliate PRO
- Infinite Scroll
- Brand
- Product List
- Image Slider
- Lazy Load
- Slack Integration


In case you want to develop a Magento extension, the developers will custom it for you through customization service $20 per hour.






Wish your business full of success!

Re: Extension

Hi there.

For a successful business extension, Magento Extension is the best option for you. This would allow you to sell more products after identifying you audience. It will also help visitors find the right products for them. Most of all, it will boost business sales.


Before deciding on a new site, you need to know first your target audience. In this manner, you will be able to find suitable contents for your new web site for your perfect customers.  At the same time, you can decide fully whether the site is intended for such content.

To give you a hint on how to choose your audience, you may click this link.


Hope this idea will help you run your new site successfully.


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