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Re: Extension

You also have a look at some free useful for your store:

Free MGS Frontend builder theme

Free Advance Contact Form

Free Magento Portfolio Magento 2

Re: Extension

Re: Extension




Please, check the Swissuplabs extensions.

You can get 70+ high-quality magento modules for the best price on the market $79/month for all. 

Extensions are regularly updated and supported.

Every extension has detailed documentation


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Meet 70+ extensions and templates for M1 & M2 in one place

Re: Extension


I also suggest taking a look at these extensions for Magento 2

You will find the extensions that suit your needs and budget there.

On top of that, the promotion program allows you to buy more at a discounted price.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Re: Extension

It will be good to mention your niche if you are going to start your eCommerce store. You must need to have the following extension:


Magento One Page Checkout Extension: This Magento extension makes your website checkout simple and quick and also make your customer user extension user experience awesome.


Magento Social Login Extension: This Magento Extension simplifies the registration and login process and allowing visitors to log in via their social profiles.


Magento Abandoned Cart Extension: This Magento Extension allows the store admin to track abandoned carts on their site and send the reminder mail to their customer.


Magento Return Manager Extension: This Magento Extension allows the store admin to easily handle the return, refund and replacement request of the customer.


Magento Spin and Win Popup Module: Magento spin and win extension offers an interactive fun-filled spin and win game which let your customers win discounts. It also offers Mail Chimp and Klaviyo integration, the email IDs are automatically synced with the MailChimp and Klaviyo account.


Magento Mobile App Builder: This extension helps you creating the mobile app for your store.


Magento Gift Card: This Magento Extension adds the gift card functionality to your store which allows the customers to buy the pre-paid gift cards for friends and family with an ease.


This Magento extension helps you in running your Magento store smoothly.



Re: Extension

Hi there, 

I want to recommend Magezon:

With 2-year experience working with Magento, Magezon has become the top choice of developers and web owners around the world with trusted and quality Magento extensions and solutions. 

Some bestsellers from Magezon:

- Magento 2 Form Builder:

- Magento 2 Mega Menu:

- Magento 2 Shop By Brand: 

- Magento 2 Lazy Load:

- Magento 2 Ajax Cart:

Trusted Magento 2 Extensions

Re: Extension

I would recommend to you MageTop - Magento Services & Extensions for Your Store

MageTop is one of the top of Magento Extension Providers and custom development services. With over four years of comprehensive experience in Magento Module Development, we are committed to provide the highest quality extensions and services for our E-business customers.

Some extensions on you can try :

If you need more extension and further information please consult our website at : Website: Magetop



Re: Extension

Magento 2 Advanced SEO Suite is a package of well-known features designed to make your store prominent in Google Search.
It reduces search optimization workload, dramatically improves store visibility and allows you to perfectly coordinate your store for maximum search indexing performance.

  • Site Map - exclude certain Category/Product/CMS page links from Sitemap
  • Canonical URL- solving duplicate content issues
  • Rich snippets - add markup tags to help search engines
  • SEO Catalog URL - set primary category for products
  • Add Hreflang Tags for Products, Categories, CMS Pages

The following link Magento 2 Advanced Seo Suite would be useful.


This is website link-:

Re: Extension


If you are going to start your eCommerce store. You have many choices of extensions available in Magento Store like Shipping extension, Language Translator Switcher, Magento App Builder, Inventory extension, Delivery extension. 

So if you mention which type of extension you need then we can help you to choose to best one.

Re: Extension



There are many companies and have many extension available in the market, all extensions are good but they have some difference in each other.

I suggest AppJetty which have many extension for Magento 1 & 2.


E-Commerce  Extension

  • Language Translator
  • MageMob Admin
  • MageMob Inventory
  • Easy site maintenance


Shipping Extension

  • Australia Post Shipping
  • Australia Post eParcel
  • Australia Mypost Shipping extension
  • Delivery Date Scheduler
  • FedEx smart shipping
  • StarTrack shipping


Build a website

  • MageMob App Builder

If you know about this extension please visit this website:

Website: AppJetty